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Box Call Packaging_1. Your Price: $0.95. These clam shell packages make any call look professional. All of our box calls fit this clam shell. These packages close tightly and lock together securing your box call. Mini Cherry Combo Box.

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The turkey call was produced for decades, with advertisements appearing as late as 1921. Gibson's original patent did not list specific dimensions, but a 1900 advertisement says the box consisted of a one-piece box, ten inches long, one-and-a-quarter inches wide, and two-and-a-half inches deep.

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529 Wild Turkey Rd. Hemingway, S.C. 29554 Work shope and sales address 3111 Henry Road, Hemingway, SC 29554 To place an order, call (843) 558-5472 (home) or (843) 373-8434 (cell) or email [email protected] 52400 visitors

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26-09-2017· Measure an 8-inch-by-2-inch rectangle for the bottom and two 8-inch-by-3-inch rectangles for the sides of the box caller. While the measurement for the base doesn't have to be precise, the box of most calls is about 8 inches long and 2.5 inches deep. The paddle is about 2 inches longer because it has a handle. Step 2

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02-03-2009· This is the first of a three part series on making the "pot" portion of your own turkey friction call. There will be another series on making the striker. Terminology. First off, I don't like the name "friction call". Box calls, scratch boxes and pots and strikers (what I am making here), among others, are all friction calls.

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Our Price: $6.50. We cater to the custom call maker by offering most any parts and supplies needed to build a turkey call, duck call, grunt call, owl hooter, crow call, goose call or coyote howler. Some of the parts available are glass, slate, aluminum, anodized aluminum or copper for friction turkey calls and striker rods for turkey calls in ...

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Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Box Call. Visit the Quaker Boy Store. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 331 ratings. List Price: $22.99 Details. Price: $9.97 Get Fast, Free Shipping with …

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POT CALL KIT. Price: $60.00. View. Availability: In Stock. Item #: KIT-POT -. Each Kit Contains the following:4 - Turned Pots (usually 2 walnut and 2 poplar)2 - 5/16" hickory dowels for strikers2 - 5/16" acrylic dowels for strikers4 - ash striker tops2 - 3 1/2" slate circles2 - 3 7/16" glass circels4 - 3" glass circles (for sound boards)1 ...

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14-10-2018· The total length of my box is usually between 7.25" - 7.75". For this box I'll use a 5.75" block of Mahogany and I'll cut the birch to give me two identical length pieces.

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02-03-2009· Note: I used to share the dimensions of the calls in return for a picture of a maker's first call; a little pay back for my development efforts. However, too many dishonest people have failed to keep their end of the bargain so I no longer share the dimensions. If you liked this blog you may like the following: DIY $25 Bow Press

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23-03-2012· Follow us in Instagram @scheelsoutdoors.Scheels Turkey Hunting Expert Scott Wilhelm shows the proper technique for using a box call when turkey hunting.

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27-02-2017· If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next. Live. Upcoming. Cancel. Play Now. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence ...

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Since then, Ellis has obtained some of the most important turkey calls ever made. In addition to the Jordan, he acquired a scratch box crafted by Henry Davis—the author of the 1949 book The American Wild Turkey—that's the only one in existence with any documented provenance.He also has vintage calls made by Tennessee's Turpin brothers (Tom and In man), including a very early Tom Turpin ...

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Turkey box calls. Box calls create turkey sounds with the friction created by sliding the lid across the surface of the box. Box calls are convenient and are capable of producing more volume than any other call in the world. Turkey pot calls

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13-02-2011· I mark it according to my spec sheet, size it in with the parting tool and verify the measurement with calipers. Determine your sizes by your preference or using a commercial sample. I finish the top with a 3/8″ detail gouge. I size in the bottom …

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04-03-2019· We chose a long box and a large box for our calls. Like their pot-style call kits, the Brookside box calls are perfect for an off-season project with young hunters. They come with pre-assembled, or in the case of the long box, pre-sawn (the long-box style is cut and carved from a solid piece of wood instead of cut out and assembled like the other styles). Let's start with the easiest to build.

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Next were ready to cut the angles for the sides of the box. I used 5 degrees for my box. Try to keep the bottom of the box at around 1" wide. with a 5 degree angle to the top of the call, it will leave you with around 1.25" width at the top. Ask Question.

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The workmanship and sound are guaranteed. If for any reason you are unhappy with your call, please contact me. I'll either give you a full refund or take a stab at making another call to your liking. I want your turkey hunting experiences to be rewarding and hope that the Dick Turpin Box Call is …

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10-04-2010· how to make a turkey box call. I say um uh a lot sorry :P The audio may also be a little soft. I made a second video with the measurements of a few other cal...

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Working with dimension lines and callouts ... and provide call outs with information about the required hardware. The following illustration shows what your completed drawing will look like. What you will learn In this tutorial, ... type 0.25 in the first box, which lets you move objects horizontally. 4 In the Copies box…

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Simple, small and definitely deadly, this compact box call is perfect for both the beginner and expert turkey hunter. Product details Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1.88 x 1.63 x 7.63 inches; 4 Ounces

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Darryl Reed's Box Turkey Call Kits By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary. Assembled Kits. There are a lot of good commercial turkey calls on the market ranging in price from $10 to $50. Among them are Gaskins, Knight & Hale, Lynch, M.A.D., Preston-Pittman, Primos and Quaker Boy.

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Presentation Grade Box Turkey Call $300.00 . Each box is "one of a kind." My custom select woods or, if suitable upon my inspection, your wood. A detailed description of the woods included with each call.

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Turkey hunters typically are not fans of heavyweight gear. They'd rather choose flyweight, bantamweight or welterweight equipment instead. Compact box calls measure about 6 inches or less in length and 1½ inches high, compared to standard-sized boxes…

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13-02-2011· Here I give the top a little TLC with sand paper, refine the rounded tip with some 100 grit and then 60 grit sand paper and add two coats of sanding sealer to the top. The striker is now ready for 2-3 coats of Custom Oil matte gun stock finish (available from Brownell's ). happy call making, dv.

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16-12-2012· Here is a basic set of measurements for turkey friction calls. This includes slate, aluminum, copper, crystal, basically any call surface that is 3 1/2" in diameter. The total thickness of the call is 3/4". The first step down where the playing surface sets is recessed 3/16".

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