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DIY Display Case: A Cricut Cutie Keepsake ... - Jennifer Maker

24-01-2021· Learn how to make your own DIY display case with Kraft board or cardstock, creating the perfect house-shaped display for small things like Cricut Cuties, small Funko Pop figures, and other keepsakes! A new Cricut Mystery Box came out the other day, and inside was an …

Diy Rectangle Cardstock Gift Box - A Crafty Concept - …

21-10-2017· These little gift boxes are super simple to make, but make a dramatic statement!! They're perfect for those makers, like me, who run online shops and want to add a little extra pizzazz to their packaging, or just makers who like to make gifts for …

Paper box template collection with step by step tutorial

30-10-2018· and add a little score and curves to the leaves. or glue some other petals under the cut-out petals… The materials needed to make these paper boxes (Affiliate links included) 1. 65lbs (180gsm) cardstock (This cardstock is so cheap, highly recommended) 2. Cricut Explorer and Cricut scoring stylus. 3. White glue and a small paint brush. 4.

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10-12-2019· Choosing Paper to Make a Square Box . The paper you use will determine how sturdy your box will be. You can make decorative boxes from regular paper, such as for Christmas tree decorations or strings of party decorations. For gift boxes, however, it's best to use heavy construction paper, cardboard, or cardstock.

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Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Belinda Geier's board "Cardstock Box Templates" on Pinterest. See more ideas about paper crafts, box template, diy box.

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15-07-2011· You just have to remember that you need to add on your box's height to all 4 sides of your cardstock. And when making the lid, add on the little smidgen extra for the lids size on all 4 sides. Right, so you have cut your 2 bits of card, one at 7 1/4" by 7 1/4" representing your card base a nd your lid cut at 7 1/2 " by 7 1/2"

Crafty Loops: Tutorial - how to make a box for your ...

15-07-2011· You just have to remember that you need to add on your box's height to all 4 sides of your cardstock. And when making the lid, add on the little smidgen extra for the lids size on all 4 sides. Right, so you have cut your 2 bits of card, one at 7 1/4" by …

DIY Gift Boxes From Cardstock

I had really done a lot of shopping this year and realized I didn't have any gift boxes, so I immediately got on Youtube and found a brilliant video tutorial showing exactly how make a DIY Gift Box with card stock and I had to give it a go. After all, I had bought a huge stack of card stock …

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26-03-2020· To turn your sheet of cardstock into a gift box with a folding lid, follow the instructions below and use the included images as a visual guide. Step 1 Take your sheet of cardstock and orient it "sideways" so that it is wider than it is tall. Mark a line 2" from the …

Free Gift Box Templates to Download, Print, & Make

Make your own gift box in 5 minutes with one of my free gift box templates. Heart-shaped, cube-shaped, bag-shaped, and more. Free Gift Box Templates - Blank Make a box using your own craft paper and card stock. Print one of these templates onto the blank side. Click the box you want to make for further instructions and free template:

Mel Stampz: Teapot Box (from a Tiny Take out template)

30-06-2009· Vellum Cardstock; Tombow Monomulti; Step 1) Punch a small tag from the Birch tone cardstock Step 2) Punch a large tag around it (makes the thin frame) Step 3) Punch a large tag of vellum, patterned paper, & Birch tone c.s. Step 4) Glue them all together & add the vellum flower Step 5) Pierce a hole & add the twine

DIY Gift Boxes From Cardstock

19-12-2019· Then you get your glue stick or your trusty glue gun and start folding up your little cut flaps and gluing them down, the box will take shape before your eyes. The beauty of this simple formula is that you can make a box in any size you want and in any type of color or style you want.

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Personalized Cardstock Box: Need a small box for gifts, party favors, product packaging, decoration, or any other purpose? It's easy and cheap to build a box in the shape and size of your choosing. I will also show you how to add an image or design to further personalize it.

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10-04-2021· If you are making these boxes to give mugs as gifts, I recommend you make your boxes out of Kraft board for strength since the mugs are quite heavy. You may then decorate them with vinyl or cardstock, like I did. However, if you choose to use only cardstock, I suggest you use the heaviest cardstock you can (100lb works best).

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04-06-2021· Paper gift boxes are quick and easy to make, and they can be adapted in a variety of ways to suit the occasion or the gift inside. You can adjust the size of the box depending on the size of paper you use. The finished box will always be a quarter of the size of the original paper square when measured from corner to corner.

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23-06-2021· Making your own boxes allows you to color-coordinate your storage or gifting. Step 1 Cut a 6-inch square of cardstock.This will make a 4-inch square box that is 2 inches deep. Step 2

Diy Rectangle Cardstock Gift Box - A Crafty Concept - Maker

21-10-2017· If your cardstock is super thick you can use your writing tool as a bone folder to help make your creases. Cut slits along all the 1.5″ lines down the 12″ side of your paper. (4 on each side) Now it's time to start folding. All the 1.5″ slits we just made created the tabs we will use to fold and shape the box.

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Jul 21, 2017 - Would be cute on a card Click here to download ...

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04-05-2021· Leave one side of the box uncut to make a tab. Do this for all four corners of the card. Glue each tab and paper clip it into place until it dries. Repeat the marking and scoring for the other half of the box. When your box is dry, place your gift or other small objects inside.

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