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12 · Made from Perma/Dur® board, our acid free cardboard boxes with lids are made of acid-free, …

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Acid-free, Archive safe: Tissue Paper Cotton Tying Tape Microfiche Envelopes Medal boxes Storage boxes Box labels Polyester wadding

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Interior dimensions are 17 x 28-3/4 x 6 inches deep, providing 3 cubic feet of storage. Removable top is 3 inches deep. Exterior dimensions in inches are 18 x 30 x 6-1/4. Pulp: Purified alpha cellulose pulp, acid and lignin-free. pH: 9.0 (+-).5 buffered with calcium carbonate, 3% reserve. Single wall 1/8" thickness, B-flute 200-LB test.

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Shop Acid Free Storage and Organization solutions today. If you are using a screen reader, activate this link for accessibility features or call 888-266-8246 for assistance. Join POP!

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Archival Storage Box range for long term acid-free storage of a range of items from documents, photographs, textiles and more. Archival Storage Boxes - Preservation Equipment Ltd T: +44(0) 1379 647400 E: [email protected] @preservation_e

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04-07-2012· Museum Grade Archival Photo Storage Box Holds 1700 Photos. Box size: 5 x 15 x 12" Compartment size: 5 x 7-1/2 x 6" (H x W x D) Made from durable B-Flute Blue Corrugated Cardboard. This material is acid-free, lignin-free and has a 3% calcium carbonate buffer.

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Acid free cardboard archive boxes with lids, strong enough to stack and provide long lasting archival protection. Archive Boxes - Preservation Equipment Ltd T: +44(0) 1379 647400 E: [email protected] @preservation_e

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Acid Free Boxes. These boxes are ideal for museums and antiques as they contain no adverse materials. Acid-free board uses specially formulated papers that are suitable for addressing the problem of storing and preserving documents for extensive periods. Acid-free paper is either ph neutral or has a ph value of 7 or higher.

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Acid-free cardboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes made out of buffered or pH-neutral cardboard from preservation suppliers. More expensive boxes are made of acid-free cardboard lined with a better quality paper (pH-neutral, lignin-free) on the interior.

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Store and protect a single item or an entire collection with acid-free, lignin-free Gaylord Archival storage boxes. We manufacture our archival boxes in a huge variety of sizes and styles to preserve nearly any item in your collections.

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Grey/white acid-free cardboard boxes with lignite, with reinforced corners, for the storage of documents, photos or glass plates. Large opening lid that facilitates access to its interior. Available in grey/white cardboard in the following formats: 6x9cm - 23x12x9cm - 80 plates per box 9x12cm - 15x12x11cm - 30 plates per box 13 x 18cm ...

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4) Always store in a pH neutral medium – with tissue paper that is acid free, (tissue paper will BECOME acidic, if in a non acid free box, and would need to be changed regularly.) 5) A Wedding Dress Storage Box needs to be sturdy enough to eliminate light, protect from dust and accident, be of a breathable material i.e. not plastic, and be pH neutral i.e. contain no acid or alkali.

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Archival Storage Boxes. University Products offers a wide array of acid-free storage boxes. Archivists and special collection librarians organize and separate documents using reinforced or unreinforced archival file folders inside our metal edge document cases. Town clerks will find essential archival products for vital record storage.

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22-05-2007· I want to start storing my slides in boxes that are archival safe. I've mostly seen those longer acid free cardboard boxes that are sold for slides, but I also saw some polypropylene plastic ones for sale as well. I don't think the ones that the lab puts them in when I get the film processed and mounted are archival quality.

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Preserve your books, documents, photos, artifacts and collectibles with the standard in high-quality archival supplies from Gaylord. Our selection includes acid-free, lignin-free, pH-neutral boxes, folders, tissues and more, so you can ensure the safest storage possible for your most valued items.

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Textile storage boxes manufactured from sturdy, acid free, lignin free corrugated board. Contains 3% calcium carbonate buffer for additional protection of costumes, period clothing and other fabric items created from cellulosic materials.

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